Keysight Services Accelerate Technology Adoption. Lower Costs.




Transform hidden challenges into business opportunity

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Keysight Services will help you
achieve business results tomorrow.
And sleep better tonight.

With 100% focus on helping businesses accelerate technology adoption and lower costs across their entire portfolio, Keysight Services was created to deepen our investment in design, test and measurement services.


The perfect combination of people,
processes, and tools.

Keysight Services has assembled an industry-leading array of people, processes, and tools focused on helping you implement new technologies and engineer improved processes that lower costs.
Keysight Services will help you:
  • Bring breakthrough ideas to market faster
  • Keep the line moving error-free
  • Manage test equipment maintenance and compliance
  • Strengthen measurement science expertise within your workforce
  • Reduce cost throughout your entire instrument’s life cycle

It’s more than a new approach.
It’s a whole new world of potential for your business. And theirs.

A single-site manufacturer reduced annual rental and service costs by

A laptop manufacturer reduced defects by

An aerospace defense company reduced its annual calibration costs by


We know your world.
Put our 75 years of test and measurement experience to work.

Aerospace & Defense

  • Select the right leading-edge technology
  • Keep multi-decade programs operating

Wireless & Cloud Technology (R&D)

  • Be first to innovate for evolving technology standards
  • Achieve high-speed data transfer

Wireless Manufacturing & Internet of Things

  • Reach time-to-market and time-to-volume goals
  • Meet strict safety and quality regulations

Automotive & Energy

  • Meet strict safety and quality regulations
  • Accelerate new technology adoption

Our experts are ready
to help at any point in your
instrument’s lifecycle.

Plan & Acquire

& Set Up

Usage &

& Renewal


Plan & Acquire

Technology Refresh

Maximize asset value. Improve productivity.

Upgrade and migrate to the latest test technology

Product Purchase Alternatives

Keysight quality. Lower costs.

Premium Used, 0% interest, Keysight Store on eBay, and trade-in credits


Reduce cost of test. Align design to manufacturing.

Implement best practices with technical and process expertise


Integrate & Set Up


Build new skills. Extract more value.

Develop instrument, technology, and process expertise


Accelerate time to market. Mitigate risk.

Solve tough problems with broad technical and process expertise


Usage & Optimization

One-Stop Calibration Services

Get better results. Fast turnaround-time.

Accredited calibration on most measurement devices, any brand

Repair Services

Like new and right the first time. Worldwide.

Save time and money with fast automated fault-diagnosis

Asset Management

Reduce cost of ownership. Increase uptime.

Manage maintenance, ensure compliance for all of your test equipment


Decommission & Renewal

Technology Refresh

Maximize asset value. Improve productivity.

Extend the life of legacy equipment or transition to latest technology

Product Purchase Alternatives

Lower costs. Keysight quality.

Trade-in credits, Premium Used, 0% interest, and Keysight Store on eBay


Sleep better tonight and achieve business results tomorrow with Keysight Services.


Transforming hidden challenges into business opportunities in over 100 countries. (And helping business leaders everywhere rest easier.)